HiLoBooks to publish E.V. Odle’s Clockwork Man

I’m a huge fan of HiLoBrow’s Radium Age SF series. The latest installment is The Clockwork Man from 1923.

“Several thousand years from now, advanced humanoids known as the Makers will implant clockwork devices into our heads. At the cost of a certain amount of agency, these devices will permit us to move unhindered through time and space, and to live complacent, well-regulated lives. However, when one of these devices goes awry, a “clockwork man” appears accidentally in the 1920s, at a cricket match in a small English village. Comical yet mind-blowing hijinks ensue.

New installments of The Clockwork Man will appear weekly at HiLobrow, from March 20 through July 31. In September, HiLobooks will publish a gorgeous 90th-anniversary paperback edition of this title.”

HiLoBooks to publish E.V. Odle! | HiLobrow.

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